Warranty and Limitations

1. Warranty and limitations

Sim Factory S.R.L. guarantees that the goods purchased by the customer are free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of transfer of goods and that they meet the quality guaranteed as established in the contract. The aluminum profiles are of industrial quality, so minor scratches and dents may be present. Upon receipt, the customer must immediately inspect the goods for defects, conditions, and quality. In case of apparent and/or hidden defects, these must be documented and reported in writing within 7 days of delivery via email: info@simfactory.it, otherwise the warranty for these defects does not apply. The customer is responsible for the way he/she uses the purchased goods and Sim Factory S.R.L. will not be held responsible for any damage caused by improper use or use contrary to its purpose. The warranty is 24 months from the date of shipment. Seats carry a 12-month warranty and do not include wear and tear due to use.

2. Limitation of Liability of Sim Factory S.R.L.

Any compensation for any damage to the customer shall not exceed the invoice price of the disputed products. The warranty referred to in this article is absorbent and in lieu of the legal warranties for defects and conformity and excludes any other possible liability of Sim Factory S.R.L. however originated by the products supplied; in particular, the customer cannot make any other claims for damages, price reduction, or contract termination. Under no circumstances shall Sim Factory S.R.L. be liable for indirect or consequential damages. Sim Factory S.R.L. shall not be liable for damages caused to the customer and/or third parties due to improper use of the purchased products.

3. Product Installation

If not otherwise agreed at the time of purchase, Sim Factory S.R.L. products require installation by the customer. Sim Factory S.R.L. does not guarantee any defects in the products resulting from non-compliant installation. Sim Factory S.R.L. shall not be liable for damages caused to the customer and/or third parties due to incorrect installation.