Our sim racing cockpit inspired by Formula cars.

Sim Factory Monoposto – coming soon

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Who is SimFactory

At Sim Factory, our main goal is to let you feel the thrill, passion, and excitement of motorsport through our cutting-edge driving cockpit designed specifically for sim racing enthusiasts.

We create setups that replicate the rigidity of real race car chassis and provide the same responsive feel that professional drivers experience

Every detail is defined and cared for with passion to provide you with authentic emotions during virtual driving, creating an immersive and realistic experience. The sim racer is totally immersed in driving, each of our simracing cockpits is made to faithfully reproduce the driving position of GT cars, F1 single-seaters or Rally cars, and we actively collaborate with professional drivers to guarantee you the authenticity of the experience.

With Sim Factory, you will enter a world of unprecedented driving simulation, each sim racing session becomes an exciting thrill, bringing you as close as possible to the real track, and your driving simulator will soon become your favorite place.

Sim Factory, Racing your Passion.

Answers to your every doubt

For any other questions we are present in chat, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to give you support

Sim Factory products give real driving excitement, that is our main goal, and they are made according to deliberate and well-chosen choices that do not turn out to be the cheapest. For us, the driving simulation station should simply be made like this! We industrialized every process to guarantee you the best deal, without compromising Could it have cost less? Definitely yes, but it would not be a Sim Factory.

Sim Factory COMPETITION is fully adjustable to accommodate users of all

our products gather all the DGS know-how, 8 years of experience in the world of
driving simulation, all Sim Factory products are designed, developed, tested,
improved, redesigned and manufactured. The result is a setup that puts you at the center
Of the driving simulation experience and that will help you stay focused for hours
even in the most demanding race sessions.

Yes, Sim Factory products are shipped in kit form. Depending on the product
chosen assembly can take from a few minutes to many hours, but you will love every
minute spent on shaping your COMPETITION.

Sim Factory products are universal. They work with PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2 systems,
Xbox and PC.

Sim Factory designs and manufactures its products in Italy.

This is currently a secret but we are certainly not stopping there!